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25 October 2021

NEWS & INSIGHTSBurquip’s Rolling Chassis provides options while saving time and costs

Burquip’s Rolling Chassis makes it easy to get a trailer on the road and the options have been designed to cover a wide range of needs. Our rolling chassis have been specifically designed and engineered to withstand harsh South African conditions.

A chassis flat pack contains everything you need for a trailer-build, including an electrical kit, coupler, jockey wheel and clamp, mudguards and tyres.

Our chassis are available in single and tandem axles, as well as various deck size options*:

Kg Deck size options
1800 x 1250 2000 x 1250 2000 x 1500 2500 x 1500 3000 x 1500 3000 x 1800
750 Single
1300 Single
1500 Single
1800 Single
2000 Single
2000 Tandem
2500 Single
2500 Tandem
2700 Tandem
3000 Tandem
3200 Tandem
3500 Tandem

* Should you have specific requirements outside of our normal range, please let us know. We can supply designs to fulfil your custom solution.

Advantages for Trailer Builders and Manufactures using the Burquip Rolling Chassis System

  • No additional manufacturing machinery is required.
  • The assembly is relatively easy and can be completed by semi-skilled labour.
  • No material wastage leads to further cost savings – no off-cuts and wasted material.
  • Quick reaction time to satisfy customer requirements.
  • The chassis easily bolts together, reducing turnaround time to a minimum.
  • All the chassis components you need for the build, are included in the kit.
  • The chassis components are supplied by Burquip International (Pty) Ltd and complies with all mandatory standards and specifications.

Points to keep in mind

  • The trailer manufacturer must strictly adhere to the decking instructions supplied by Burquip as the integrity of the rolling chassis is dependent on the stiffness of the deck.
  • Burquip is solely a supplier of trailer components and is NOT a registered trailer builder of manufacturer.
  • Burquip rolling chassis are supplied in component form to be assembled by a registered trailer builder.
  • The rolling chassis forms the substructure of the trailer to be manufactured by a registered trailer builder.
  • No NaTIS license papers are provided by Burquip. The trailer still needs to be registered and licensed by the trailer builder. Burquip will provide the necessary test reports for registration.

Please contact us to find out more and inquire about pricing.

Rolling chassis assembly





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